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Welcome to Loorak.com, the website for the Law Offices of Roy A. Klein.  Here you’ll find all the information you need to make a crucial personal and/or business decision – which lawyer to retain to represent you in a business litigation, employment litigation or other legal matter.  
Established in 1994, Loorak reflects the personality of its founder, Roy Klein.  Formerly a litigation partner in the Manhattan office of a prominent national law firm, Roy’s vision was to offer small businesses and individuals on Long Island the same high quality legal services that large New York City firms provide their Fortune 500 clients, and to do so cost effectively in a small, informal, client-friendly office environment.He has accomplished this goal through the following.

First, Roy is committed to utilizing novel and creative approaches to resolve difficult legal problems.  While he, of course, aggressively represents his clients in litigated matters, his goal, wherever practicable, is to resolve disputes without incurring the time, expense and emotional wear and tear of formal, protracted litigation.  He sees the litigation process not as an end in itself but, rather, as a means to reach a resolution that is satisfactory to his client as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  He also advocates the use of alternate dispute resolution procedures (ADR) to expedite settlement.

Second, Roy offers his clients the significant advantage and benefit of a single lawyer's complete involvement in every aspect of a lawsuit or other legal problem. He corresponds regularly with clients in actively litigated matters via email, answering their questions promptly and providing status updates.  This personal service assures clients of greater efficiency, uniformly high-quality substantive work and total accountability.

Third, Roy’s office is designed to avoid waste, over-staffing and duplication of effort.  Such routine office expenses as postage, photocopying, faxes and long-distance telephone calls – which most firms bill their clients as reimbursable expenses – are already included in Roy’s hourly billing rate.   And Loorak’s location and layout enable Roy to maintain a relatively modest overhead.  Because of these efficiencies, Roy is able to offer a fee structure that is far more attractive than the time charges of many firms in the New York City area.

With these advantages, Loorak can handle virtually all legal matters in a high-quality, cost-effective manner.

Roy has a top caliber professional background.  But that’s just part of the story.  He believes that his clients should be familiar with his personal background as well.  After all, trust, confidence and credibility are essential to a successful attorney-client relationship.  To be comfortable, the client needs to know more than what’s on his lawyer’s diploma and licenses.  In Roy’s case, that “more” includes his commitment to civility, his belief in pro bono work and his passion for writing.  


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